About Us

I, Floyd Moreko Rakau, owner and founder of Makanye Lodge Pty (Ltd), am a Professional Registered Civil Engineer, specializing in Civil and Structural Engineering. It is my passion to develop rural villages and properties as my profession dictates. I invested in the development of a nearby pub and restaurant, Serite Park, and saw the need for a lodge. I believe that through the development of local properties and the upliftment of the people through job opportunities, people are brought together and the force of Botho/Ubuntu lives on.

Makanye Lodge isn’t just another overnight stay…….there’s a reason why people feel part of the family on their departure. My late grandmother, Makanye, was a pillar of the family and the community. Her door was always open to strangers. She used to welcome people attending church conferences and the visiting community teachers into her house. Makanye Lodge is built along the street which was named after her, Sefate sa Makanye. I believe that Makanye Lodge not only inherited my grandmother’s name but also her spirit of hospitality, generosity and love. Just as she made people feel at home in her home, it is our hope that you will make Makanye Lodge your second home.